Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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FREE Tutorials E-Patterns, E-Printables, and E-Books

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I have been in love with  jigsaw puzzles since I was a small child.  From time to time over the years I've solved jigsaw puzzles and then glued them to a piece of cardboard so I could mount them on my bedroom wall for decorations.  Choose a really colorful puzzle and you have a fabulous decoration.

So, when I was creating my Alpacas Rock party  products I decided to create some adorable and colorful Alpacas Rock jigsaw puzzles.  You could give them as party gifts for the guests to take home and enjoy or you could use them as kids bedroom decorations.

Here's how you would create a jigsaw puzzle picture decoration:

How To Create A Jigsaw Puzzle Kids Bedroom Wall Decoration

Supplies Needed:

Jigsaw puzzle, 2 large pieces of cardboard for turning the puzzle, 1 piece of cardboard chipboard or 1/8"-1/4" wood for the backing, wood glue, paint, mod podge, brushes, picture hanger.



Looking for ways to make your alpaca party or farm days event special? If you are here's a few suggestions:


Alpacas Jigsaw Puzzles

The"dollies" just LOVE to play especially if they're doing jigsaw puzzles. They love creating their own jigsaw puzzles on their "It's Raining Doll Parties Products Gallery" and are always bugging Linda to create a new one so they can buy it.

So, Linda decided to create some alpaca jigsaw puzzles.   Here's what Linda created for the "Alpacas Rock Products Gallery" so far: