Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It's The Summer Of White Faced Alpaca Girls

It's the summer of beautiful white faced girls.  My sister has yet another beautiful alpaca baby girl with a white face named Gladiola.   Now she has a trio of white faced alpaca girls: Gladiola, Peony, and Marigold.

Gladiola is Zinnia's 2nd offspring and it looks like she has her mother's beautiful colored fiber.

Now my sister won't have any excuse for not giving me some more of the fiber I love using for doll hair. Hint! Hint!  Hope you're reading this baby sister.

Isn't Gladiola beautiful?

It's going to be hard tellling her apart from Peony, and Marigold - both shown below.



Here's what my sister had to say about Gladiola, "Some excitement on the farm today - our girl Zinnia finally went into labor (6 days late) only head and 1 leg presented; I had to go in; left leg was bent and down under pelvic bone - vet was on his way but I could not wait. I was able to straighten the leg and deliver a beautiful girl. I am SOOO proud of myself - the first time I was able to handle this! Mom and baby are doing fine.

Introducing our herd sire Cosmo's second cria - a girl, my husband Karl named Gladiola because we were so "glad" everything worked out fine and so "glad" the waiting is over!"

So now my sister has three adorable alpacas with beautiful white faces.

If you get a chance please visit my sister's two websites - Rock Garden Alpacas and Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber.

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