Wednesday, July 15, 2015

HERE'S AN IDEA - Alpaca Party Stickers Instead Of Cup Holders For Your Alpacas Rock Birthday Crafting Party or Alpaca Farm Days Events

One of the e-printables that I had also thought of creating for the "Alpacas Rock Products Gallery" line was cup wrappers.  However, when I was looking at all the different cup sizes that are available I decided there was no way I could create cup wrappers to fit all the different sizes.  So, I decided instead to create stickers of the Alpacas Rock graphics that could be applied to any size party cup. Just peel them from the label sheet and stick to the front of the party cups.

Here's the alpaca party cup stickers I've designed so far:

See our paper cups.

I will be designing more party cup stickers in the near future so stay tuned.  Party Cup Stickers instead of cup wrappers.  What a great idea!

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