Saturday, October 11, 2014

For The Love Of Needle Felting and Wool Felt Creations

My sister and I have been intrigued with crafting with alpaca fiber since she and her husband opened  Rock Garden Alpacas and Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber a few years ago.  Since then she has been accumulating her alpacas fiber, learning how-to process the fiber, spin the fiber to create yarn, learn how to create roving, learn how to create carded batts and felt, and learn how to dye the roving.  

As a result I have been the lucky recipient of some amazing packages of unprocessed fiber, processed roving, yarn, carded batts and felt, and just the other day a wonderful package of multiple bags of unbelievable dyed roving colors.

Before all of this I was a huge fan of creating dolls and crafts with wool felt.  With the alpaca fiber I became and enormous fan of creating all sorts of dolls and crafts with alpaca roving, carded batts, and felt.  It's simply amazing how you can mold and sculpt roving.  I love it and have so many ideas in my head right now I can't keep them all straight.

Shown below are my needle felted doll designs, needle felted crafts designs, and penny rug and wool felt designs:

My Needle Felted Doll Designs


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