Friday, October 25, 2013

Alpacas Rock - Four Alpacas Fabric - Custom Fabric Handmade Decorations

I just LOVE it when I'm sewing, sewing, and sewing. It always puts me in a relaxing state of mind. Lately I've been designing and sewing home decor products made using several of my Alpaca's Rock custom fabric designs.

Here's what I made:


LW516 -   Four Alpacas Group Mini Quilt With Wood Dowel and Ribbon Hanger - Custom Fabric Handmade Mini Quilt Decoration

Mini Quilt With Wood Dowel and Ribbon Hanger Decoration is a 10 1/2" by 10" custom fabric handmade mini quilt that makes an adorable decoration for any rustic, country, farmhouse, woodland, or folksy style home. The mini quilt has one alpaca square bordered by 1/2" white lace trim, brown print fabric borders and backed with multi-colored rust quilted print fabric edged with 1/2" lace trim. Three tabs made out of the four alpacas group fabric are added to hang the mini quilt from a 1/4" wide 9" long wood dowel. Decorative 1/2" wide orange ribbon is added as decorative accent bows for the tabs.

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