Saturday, October 26, 2013

Alpacas Rock - Alpaca Large Square Grouping Fabric - Custom Fabric Handmade Decorations

I just LOVE it when I'm sewing, sewing, and sewing. It always puts me in a relaxing state of mind. Lately I've been designing and sewing home decor products made using several of my Alpaca's Rock custom fabric designs.

Here's what I made:

Alpaca Large Square Grouping Fabric

LW518 -   Alpaca Group Behind The Fence Mini Quilt With Wood Dowel Hanger  - Custom Fabric Handmade Mini Quilt Decoration

Mini quilt is a 9" by 9" custom fabric handmade mini quilt that makes an adorable decoration for any rustic, country, farmhouse, woodland, or folksy style home. The mini quilt has one adorable alpaca large square grouping fabric square bordered by 1/2" flat lace trim, burgundy floral print fabric borders and backed with brown upholstery fabric edged with 1/2" flat lace trim. Two hanger tabs made out of the burgundy floral print fabric are added to hang the mini quilt from a 9" wood 3/8" dowel. Decorative 1/2" wide yellow colored ribbon bows are added as decorative accents for the mini-quilt tabs.

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