Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zinnia - Alpacas Rock Products


The "dollies" and I have been having so much fun with our new "It's Raining Doll Parties" Hawk Family Line that we decided to create a new line of party decorations for their alpaca cousins.  Truth be told the "dollies" have been wanting me to do something for their alpaca "cousins"  since I visited them last fall and came back with pictures and pictures of their "cousins."  So the"Alpacas Rock Line" for boys and girls birthday crafting parties was born.

The "Alpacas Rock Line" of "It's Raining Doll Parties" is for boys and girls birthday crafting parties. The Alpacas Rock Birthday Crafting Party Line consists of graphics of some of the "dollies" alpaca cousins including CosmoMasquerade ,SunflowerZinnia, and IvyMasquerade  who is a a full Peruvian alpaca is the mascot.  His fiber is a blend of brown, black, and gray and he has a black and white face.  The "dollies" and I just LOVE his face and I fell in love with him when I visited Rock Garden Alpacas last fall.   If you'd like to read more about my visit to Rock Garden Alpacas please read my "What  A View" and my "My Visit To Rock Garden Alpacas" posts.   The Alpacas Rock as a group have their own line of graphics and a large selection of adorable products to choose from as well.

Alpacas Rock E-Printable Standing Paper Animals Set

If you want to make your own "Alpacas Rock E-printable Standing Paper Animals Set" please CLICK HERE  to buy the e-printable.

Zinnia's  Cut and Sew Ornament Fabric

Zinnia Cut And Sew Ornament Fabric

Design Size 10.51 by 8.52


3" by 6" Zinnia Alpaca Grazing Handmade  Ornament  Decoration


(Please note our handmade Zinnia ornament is sold as part our our 4 ornaments Alpaca set.)

Zinnia's Alpacas Rock Gallery Products

Zinnia Alpaca Sticker
Zinnia Alpaca Sticker by AlpacasRock
Make unique printed stickers from zazzle.com.

Zinnia Alpaca Magnet
Zinnia Alpaca Magnet by AlpacasRock
Check out other Alpaca Magnets at zazzle.com

Zinnia Alpaca Button Pin
Zinnia Alpaca Button Pin by AlpacasRock
Create a one-of-a-kind custom button online at zazzle.com

Zinnia Truckers Hat
Zinnia Truckers Hat by AlpacasRock
Check out more Alpacas Hats at Zazzle

Zinnia Alpaca Children's Tee Shirt
Zinnia Alpaca Children's Tee Shirt by AlpacasRock
Look at more Alpaca T-Shirts at zazzle

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